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If a friend does let you know he is receiving Spam emails from your email id or posts on social media that you as a person won’t be sharing or posting it’s a great possibility that your email id has been hacked. An individual’s finances, reputation can get badly damaged if his/her email id is hacked. Also, there is a grave risk of loss of personal data too.

In the following article, we’ll have a look at how one can take precautionary steps to stop oneself from a hack and in case it happens what steps one can take to recover from it.

Four Things to do when your email gets hacked:

1) Change your Password: Hackers after hacking in your account mostly do not change the account password they might leave the account password as it is. One can quickly change it to a stronger password and then securely log in to his/her account. Also, do remember not to share the password with everyone keep it a secret. Also, the issue a lot of the new generation faces is the password one can use password managers for the same. One should also not keep the same password for all accounts to keep a different one for multiple accounts.

2) Check your Settings: Hackers could have emails forwarded to them. They might do so to get the login details of your account. Make sure one is checking their Hotmail email signature for any suspicious changes done to it from AOL. Do let your contacts know about the status of your Gmail account, warn them about spam emails with suspicious links and ask them not to respond to click on the links as their account might be at risk.

3) Scan your computer for Malware: Regularly scan your devices for any viruses or malware software. Such software or viruses may be your login details. One can schedule scans and cleanup the devices of external threats. If you find such malware/ viruses make sure you delete them and then change your account login details once.

4) Implement Preventive Measures: Once again you can yourself keep a guard and not click/ open suspicious spam emails. Do not download any files from unsecured websites. Please also do not send any login to suspicious accounts. Make sure you use secure network connections so that one cannot access your login details otherwise.

On a concluding note one shall rest assured as multiple email service providers like Yahoo, Gmail has strong spam filtering. They do take user data security seriously and do keep data securely in high-end servers from Gmail. Such email service providers do provide regular security updates to their products and thus one if keeps his account updated can have less security threat.

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